Yummy & Healthy Recipes You DEFINITELY Wanna Have!

2013-03-05 11.42.52

Just wanna drop a quick link that a friend passed along to me..

I’m posting it here for safe keeping, just in case you ever misplace it.

I’m EXCITED to head out the the grocery store in the morning after my walk w the little guy

Here’s a pic from our walk today
It was a LIL chilly & bright (he was nice & bundled & LOVES going on walks!)
So much better than being cooped up inside!


That’s our new THING, walks on pier in the morning =)

Anyway, back to what I was gonna share!

My friend shared this recipe for GUACAMOLE
(She’s tried it already & said it’s delicious!)

I also found a mouth-watering recipe for SALSA
But really, there’s a TON
& I’m a sucker for dips
PLUS there’s a bunch of other stuff too.

Just wanted to share, I’m super excited about making some of these!

& since you’re on this HEALTHY expedition along with me,
we’ve gonna have each other’s backs 😉

Talk soon,



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