Yummy & Healthy Recipes You DEFINITELY Wanna Have!

Just wanna drop a quick link that a friend passed along to me..

I’m posting it here for safe keeping, just in case you ever misplace it.

I’m EXCITED to head out the the grocery store in the morning after my walk w the little guy

Here’s a pic from our walk today
It was a LIL chilly & bright (he was nice & bundled & LOVES going on walks!)
So much better than being cooped up inside!

2013-03-05 11.42.52

That’s our new THING, walks on pier in the morning =)

Anyway, back to what I was gonna share!

My friend shared this recipe for GUACAMOLE
(She’s tried it already & said it’s delicious!)

I also found a mouth-watering recipe for SALSA

But really, there’s a TON
& I’m a sucker for dips
PLUS there’s a bunch of other stuff too.

Just wanted to share, I’m super excited about making some of these!

& since you’re on this HEALTHY expedition along with me,
we’ve gonna have each other’s backs ;)

Talk soon,


I’m on DAY #3 of my INFERNO & DAMN I feel GOOD!
Just thought you might wanna know, it’s NOT torturous haha


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The Forgotten Ingredient

There’s a KEY ingredient to hitting your goals
that you may have forgotten about!

Please don’t get hung up just because your inner voice
isn’t quite as confident as it should be yet.

You’ll get there!

I recorded this for you to EXPLAIN what I mean,
there’s a good change it’s just what you’ve been missing
to take you to the next level.

I hope it helps!



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Have Respect, Be Respected.


We all need learning experiences..

We all do things the wrong way & blame others for our problems


You have someone who walked in those shoes before us
point out that there is a better way of going about it.

It pays to have good friends & family who’s advice you can trust.

Please think about the way you treat them,
before you get all high & mighty about how they treat you.

Because when you are going through hell,
& we ALL do..

Those are the people you will need to help you mend your wounds.

I recorded this today, with a bit more insight about a situation I was dealing with
& why it’s so important to take a hard look at your own actions first.

I hope this advice can help you, as it did me.



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The Secret to a Happy Happy Happy Life..

This is just little glimpse of why I choose to work from home.

Of course, wherever you choose to do your work is fine by me

BUT I like my time to be MINE.

& when to comes to spending that time the way I want to THIS video sums it up.

Go ahead & say it..

Awwwww.. ;)

This is just me..

But if YOU are missing moments like this just to put food on the table, maybe it’s time to switch gears!

There IS a better way..

A way that will make your world happy happy happy!

^^^ Duck Dynasty fans anyone?

Just some food for thought.



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Are You Squirming In Your Seat Yet?

Have you ever been at that place in your life
when you’re not HAPPY with the way that things are,
BUT changing them just seems too
difficult, time consuming or SCARY??

If you say NO..
You’re LYING.
& the only person it will hurt is

Are you at that place right NOW maybe?
Did you just get through it?
Do you have the feeling that you’re heading INTO it?

Of course it happens to us ALL..
So it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

What you should be ashamed of
is letting some silly FEAR get the better of you.

What’s the worst that could happen?


What are you scared of?



The dark?

How can those possibly compare, you say?!?

WELL.. of any of those FEARS,
You & I may seem some as SILLY
While other people completely paralyzed by the thought.

Who are we to judge what’s scary?

Is BETTERING your life really that bad anyway?

Do you think that you’re not gonna fit in anymore
if you pursue something different than your friends or family?

Do you think they will judge you
& joke about you if you fail?

This all may make you a bit uncomfortable..

Actually, that’s the point.

The one thing I hope you get from this
is some DEEP thought about your life..


Is it time to dust off some lost ambitions?

Are you 100% TRUE to YOU..
or are you holding back to please others?


We’ll talk another day about WHY
those people in your life
don’t seem to support your dreams..

& WHY you think they are
gossiping about you.


Stay tuned ;)

Put your email in at the top of the page,
There’s more SPOOKY stuff coming your way.




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